Poems in the world


"In Nature, Sometimes" in Sycamore Review

"Leaked Nude" and "This New Planet" in Prelude

"We're Going to Have Fun" in Slice Magazine

“Girlhood” in Redivider

“Reliving the Past” in Pleiades

“Reservation Landscape” and “Timeline” in Barrow Street Review 

“A Man is Begging, So I Think of You” and “Living Now” in Carolina Quarterly

 “Window”, “Heat”, “My Profiles Prepare Me” and “Tell Your Friends” in Famous Aspect

“Game 5, 1991” in 1991

 “I Feel Like My Favorite Thing” and “Aerial of Row Homes” in All Hollow

“Elimination Dating” in Willow Springs



"Poesie Zum Teilen" in Material Girl Magazine

"TRUE BLUE: A guide to making sure your "blue state" is actually liberal" in LENNY 

“Lizzie Harris’s Seven Poets/Editors” in VELA

"Interview with Amy Meng + Lizzie Harris of BodegaMag" in Late Night Library



"Extinction," and "Depression in the Internet Age" in DIAGRAM

"Cellular" in Academy of America Poets, Poem-a-Day

“American Internet I” and “American Internet II” in The Offing

“There’s Grass Somewhere, But I Don’t Know How to Find It” in VICE

“I Came From There” and “Birdies Little Set of Legs” in VICE

“And We Will Study” and “Fear in Collage” in Sixth Finch

 After the Beginning" and "Clear Signal" in Prelude (online)

“Route” in Leveler

“When Linear” in Verse Daily

“Honey, Honey” in Phantom Limb

 “Safe Distance” in Wreck Park

“White Loss of Forgetting” in Brooklyn Poets

“In Service” and “In History” in The Mackinac

“Domestics” in Painted Bride Quarterly  

“There’s No Other Way To Say This” and “Birdie Makes Mistakes” in JDB Records